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Helping Hands

Interested in volunteering with Abilities in Motion?

We are always looking for volunteers on and off the water. If you have a passion for working with people, or want to develop your skills through helping out behind the scenes, we want to meet you!


Andy Owens                                                            Tracy Schmitt                                                           Len Fluhrer                                                        Joanne Lewis 
Ian McIntyre                                                            Ashley Smith                                                             Rachel Cowl                                                     Edwind Heringa
Mary LeDuc                                                              Brandon Ree                                                             Taylor Price                                                        Shelby Janes
Jennifer Chase                                                      Brayden Christos                                                  Jocelyn Rivett                                                  
Kevin Stubbs                                                          Margaret Weitzes                                                  Tessa Correia                                                  
Ella MacPhee

Special thanks to Pauline Halstead, the Founder of Abilities in Motion.  She had a dream and made it come true!  We are forever grateful! 


Abilities in Motion would not be possible without our amazing volunteers.  We are lucky that so many individuals want to donate their time.  Let us introduce you to some of our wonderful volunteers:


Meet our Volunteers

Come Volunteer With Us

We look forward to meeting you!


London, Ontario, Canada

London, ON

Fanshawe Conservation Area

Earl Rowe Provincial Park aerial view in autumn

Alliston, ON

Earl Rowe Provincial Park

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