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National Inclusivity Plan

As a charity, we believe in consistency and transparency with our members, stakeholders, partners, and community members. In order to maintain this standard, here is our National Inclusivity Plan that will provide you with an overview of where donations will be allocated and how we plan to achieve all of our organization's future goals. 

Group of adaptive kayaks  heading out

Phase One

Adaptive programs are written and delivery systems are approved and refined. Business equipment, location, and training implementation plan in place. Operations, insurance, and case studies are currently under way. All costs determined to help our organization better understand the overall effectiveness of adaptive implementation in the public sector. 


Phase Two

Fundraise & Implement adaptive kayak/canoe/SUP into 10-15 new SUP/Kayak rental companies in Ontario/NewBrunswick/British Columbia. Continue to operate to analyze the overall effectiveness of the program. Ensure we are collecting key performance indicators on a monthly basis to help build an annual grant process that will provide government funding for the adaptive program growth. 

Traffic jam with Jacqui Liam Len and Ter
Andrzej Holub in Fine Form

Phase Three

Using years of data and funds raised from events/sponsors/individuals/government, implement our programs to any and all willing rental companies in Ontario, Newbrunswick, and British Columbia.


Phase Four

Open up our services to any and all businesses in Canada looking to implement adaptive on-water recreational activites. 


Full Report Coming Soon.

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