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Kayak Packing

Become a Sponsor

We are always looking for new sponsors to help us positively impact the future success of our mission, vision, volunteers, and community members. We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities including but not limited to:


Our annual event Hands Across The Water is always looking for new sponsors. This is a great way for you to gain exposure in our Ontario market at our on-site locations and virtually. We would love to work with you to generate new activations and interesting contest ideas.


Retail Partnership

If you have a product or service that positively impacts the adaptive market, we would love to display your business. We have a very niche market and encourage the promotion of inclusivity.  

Social Media

We are working very hard to grow our social media network. We have a very niche audience and would love to partner with you in many ways to ensure we are benefiting your brand and online authority. Our fundraising efforts also include media budget allocation to help us generate public funding, and we would love to collaborate. 


Contests with us are a great way to gain exposure through all of our channels. There are so many ways to create engagement within our community and we would love to help your brand by running a contest on through our website, socials, partners, and on-site. 

On-Site Exposure

We can offer on-site exposure at our London and Allistion locations throughout the summer. Whether that be on-site sampling, branding our equipment, or just showing up to show support. We would love to have you out with us on the water. Options for Toronto location events available.

Email Campaign

We have a very engaged audience that tune into our monthly newsletter. This is a great way for brands to generate new customers or increase their brand awareness through our member network. 

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