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Traffic jam on Lake Fanshawe with Jacqui Liam Len and Teresa

At Abilities in Motion
We Promote & Encourage Inclusive Paddling

About Our

Our goal is to break barriers of accessibility through the implementation of adaptive equipment, training, and community involvement.

At Abilities In Motion, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy paddling. 


2023 Fundraising Goal


Adaptive paddle sessions 
by Abilities In Motion



Juan with his cousin Maria
Coming off of Lake Fanshawe, London after a successful paddle


Adaptive Canoeing

Our instructors work with participants to develop canoeing skills at the level and speed with which the paddlers are comfortable. Communication between the paddler, and/or the caregiver, enables us to know what the person wants and needs.  Some paddlers are able to sit safely in the canoe and the instructor and volunteers paddle the boat, others sit in the bow or stern and learn skills.

During some canoeing sessions, we combine two canoes – we call it our canoemaran.  This ensures extra safety as the canoes cannot be upturned. For non-ambulatory clients, we have transfer system from a wheelchair to a boat. Some clients have taken the Ontario Recreational Canoe and Kayaking Association, (ORCKA), Safe Canoeing program which covers the safety and basics of canoeing.  

We do offer an adaptive certification program so clients can work their way to ORCKA level 1 at their own speed.  We embrace long term paddling development.

Adaptive Kayaking

Our instructors work with participants to develop kayaking skills at the level and speed at which the paddlers are comfortable. We have a selection of kayaks with outriggers, not only to prevent capsizing but to create confidence. The outriggers can be removed when the paddler is ready.  


For comfort and support, we have an adaptive seat that will support a paddler, especially good for those with spinal injuries, specifically above T5. Using our paddle holder, a person with one arm, or weak arm muscles, a paddling experience is enhanced. Our professional transfer system and user training ensure safe transfers from wheelchairs to kayaks.  We take time to ensure the paddler is comfortable in the boat. 


Kayaking participants can enjoy being on the lake, as well as developing their paddling skills, endurance and cardio.

Outriggers in action assisting kayak on the lake
AIM Paddlers Salute!

Get Involved.
Help Us Grow Our Adaptive Communities!


Help us fund equipment, training and the  incorporation of our programs into new and existing kayak and SUP businesses across the country. The more partners we have, the easier it is to create a more inclusive Canada.


If you have an interest in helping out on-site or would like to be a member of our team, we want to hear from you. We want your positive mindset and unique skillsets to help our community members improve their quality of life and help grow more inclusive environments nation wide. 

Become a Sponsor

If you are looking for exposure within our community, or just want to help a great cause, become one of or beloved sponsors. We would love to meet with you and discuss our sponsorship programs. We tailor our relationships to meet every one of your business needs. 

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