Certification Programs

Group and individual coaching and lessons, with or without certification, are available.

Basic Canoeing Levels 1,2,3 ~ Basic Canoeing teaches basic canoeing skills and this course is designed for those with little or no experience. During the course you will be learning a series of paddling strokes, canoe maneuvers, rescues, canoe and water safety. You will also learn how to turn your canoe, paddle in straight lines and land safely at a dock and shoreline. There are no prerequisites for the course, and its a great way for a beginner to learn new skills, or just to brush up on some past skills and knowledge. Depending on the weather and temperature of the water, there may be a swimming pool session for some portions of the course. The weather can be very unpredictable so please dress appropriately for the weather forecast and bring a lunch, water bottle, sun screen, and some snacks. All the canoes and paddling equipment will be provided. If you have your own canoe, and wish to use it during the course, just let us know at the time you register. At the completion of the course you will receive a Basic Canoeing certification that is highly regarded all across Canada.

Canoe Tripping Level 1 ~ This program provides an introduction to canoe tripping for those with little or no tripping experience. Emphasis is on wilderness canoe camping skills and safety. As only Basic Canoeing Level 1 Tandem canoeing skills are required to undertake this course, it will normally be conducted in a calm or sheltered water environment.  This program prepares candidates to be safe, skilled and knowledgeable participants on short duration canoe trips lead by more experienced canoe trippers. It is expected that successful graduates of this course will progressively build their canoe tripping experience.

Canoe Tripping Level 2  ~ This program provides the experienced canoe tripper with the opportunity to improve his/her canoe tripping skills under more challenging conditions. Canoe Tripping Level 1 skills are reviewed and expanded upon and new skills and theory are introduced to enhance the wilderness canoe tripping experiences of the candidate. The course involves a canoe trip, stressing organization, safety, and introduces the fundamental concepts of leadership, and risk and crisis management.

Canoe Tripping Level 3 ~The purpose of this program is to provide a provincial certification of competence in the planning and leadership of wilderness canoe trip expeditions. Canoe tripping Level 1 and 2 skills are expanded upon and new skills and theory are introduced to enhance the leadership ability and potential of the candidate. The Course involves a canoe trip, stressing organization, safety, leadership, risk and crisis management.

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