Board of Directors

The Abilities In Motion Board of Directors is comprised of seven individuals with diverse backgrounds, that are committed to the quality of life for all, regardless of physical or emotional constraints.

Our Board of Directors supplements our budget with personal contributions of time, money, and in-kind contributions.  You will find that these dedicated individuals are at the core of our programs alongside a generous and caring team of volunteers that provide manpower at all of our events.

The mission of our Board of Directors is to guide and manage AIM so that we live up to our mission to enable Ontarians with disabilities to experience therapeutic, recreational and social rehabilitation through the freedom of independent kayaking and canoeing.

Board Members

President: Arvin Gupta

Treasurer:    Rosemary LaRue

Executive Director: Pauline Halstead

Colette Brown Secretary

Jacqueline Kinahan

Sharon O’Leary

Michael Dawthorne

Diyin Deng

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